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If you want a fast paced, covert ops espionage thriller with strong characters, this hits the target!
Western Sun Newspaper

This is a gritty, fast paced, heart-pulsing action adventure espionage book, gripping from page one.
Tony Thorne MBE, Author

The author has a clear knowledge of covert ops tactics and an instinctive knack for gripping, action plots. I could barely put it down. Execution of Justice is a creative and realistic espionage thriller.
Major Jeffery Benedict, US Army Ranger, Combat Veteran

Execution of Justice is an action-packed tale of intrigue, filled with characters that jump directly off the page into the reader’s imagination. Dent weaves a story of intrigue and violence. His fast-paced style is the perfect expression of the hard-charging John Drake’s impatience with the corruption and immorality of his world.
Lorraine P. Winfield
Coordinator of Creative Writing
Newport News Institute for the Arts

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on November 22, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book is packed with everything you can imagine. The author did his research. My heart went out to the main character, John Drake, he’d lost his wife and his pain seemed to be the driving force to find a sex trafficking ring that has kidnapped a congressman’s daughter. Which is a huge challenge. This ring comes from all over the world. Drake digs his heels in with this assignment because of what happened to his wife. He is ruthless even to his those who are close to him. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down. There were other plots on the side going on. This book is very compelling and it is violent but it is worth the time. Love the story!

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

South Carolina native author Patrick Dent earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and his Masters in Chemistry. He went on to receive Advanced Infantry Training while stationed at Fort Benning. With detailed experience such as this it is no wonder this debut novel is such a fine thriller – opting to include the inside knowledge of political activity with military experience and a depth of knowledge about chemistry…

Strong self assigned challenges for a debut novel, but Patrick meets his goals. The tone of the book is apparent from the first paragraphs…

Exceptionally well paced, compelling prose, and a keen sense of immediacy pour out of every page of this impressive debut novel. Patrick Dent will likely become on of the more important authors of this genre. Grady Harp, November 17

on November 13, 2017

A thrilling action story. I really enjoyed the way this story remained intense, while still filling me in on details about what was going on in situations that were foreign to me. Even though I am not well versed in military things, or weapons, or anything of that nature, I felt totally immersed and never confused.

There wasn’t a moment of pause as the story moved forward. There were a few things I didn’t see coming at all. Drake is a broken, reluctant hero, which added to the genuine tension. There was a real sense of uncertainty that kept me flipping pages fast and furious. His motivations were real, powerful, and so heartbreaking. There is a part with his wife that just gutted me. So powerful. The end was perfect, totally satisfying.

If you are a fan of action or military stories this is a must read.

on November 13, 2017

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Are you sitting comfortably?? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, there was a reviewer, who read a lot, LOT of books. Before she started reviewing for the blogs, she read mostly horror and crime. But now, it’s mostly romance of some description or other.

So when the reviewer had a chance to read something a little out of her comfort zone, she jumped at the chance.


Usually there is sex in her books: not so here. There is usually romance: not so here. There are usually nekkid muscly men involved: bar two young recruits to the Army, not so here. She can often see where things are going: not so here.

AGAIN, she was blown away.

The reader found the book took a while to set the scene, it kept her fully engaged, because she got to hear from ALL the major players, and a minor one or two. It took time to present the full picture, and she didn’t know which way things would go til they did. She connected with each and every person, loved some guys, and a certain gal, hated some other guys.

The reader did get a little confused at the beginning with the time line involved, because it talks a bit about the oil embargo and the President of the US at the time (but already, the reader has forgotten which one t was!) However, once the reader had late 60’s early 70’s stuck in her head, things were much better, but the reader is still not entirely clear on that one!

The reader enjoyed this book so much, she read it on one sitting, and its not an EASY read, not at all, but what it is, is a BRILLIANT read. The reader looked to see if she could find any other books by this author, but THIS book appears to be the FIRST book written by this author.

The reader found it carried some difficult story lines, kidnapping and people trafficking mostly but some rape, and drug abuse too. She found it very violent in places but thought it right and proper for this book to have such graphic violence. It NEEDED that in places, to get the point across.

All in all, the reader was so very impressed with this book, she hopes to get a chance to read more by this author.

So the reader could only give this. . . .

5 stars. Because nothing else would do.

The end.

on November 1, 2017
This is an action thriller set in the 1970s with a Black Ops theme in which the main protagonist John Drake is assigned to destroy a sex-trafficking ring. Fast-paced and well-written, it is highly entertaining. story that has an additional thread involving the CIA trying to control Middle East oil companies. Drake is not perfect my any means, and the unfolding of his personal problems provides good character development and understanding of where he is coming from. The scenes are very well described and gave me a real feel for the situations. John Drake reminded me of Jack Bauer in the series ’24’. I like a good ending and this one didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended.

on October 24, 2017
Execution of Justice is not a genre I normally read but I’m so glad I did. The well-written story has the perfect balance of action and character development to keep the reader fully engaged and eager to turn the page. The main character, John Drake, is complex and I found myself empathizing with him despite the difficult decisions he had to make. The overarching themes of revenge and forgiveness are woven in beautifully and the action scenes, though gritty and intense, are multi-purposed, serving to move the narrative forward as well as providing further insight into the characters. I’d highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys this genre or who appreciates quality story telling.

on October 22, 2017
Interesting characters, an engaging storyline, and plenty of action all come together to make for a compelling read. I enjoyed reading this book immensely and would recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in the genre.

on October 19, 2017
This is one of the most entertaining and engaging books I’ve read in a couple of decades. It is difficult to find such exceptional mix of literary prowess and action/adventure theme. It is as if Alexander Dumas, Tom Clancy and John Belushi collaborated on a novel. Character-drive behind the action/adventure plot give this dark historical fiction page-turner soul. 1970s nostalgia lends an entertaining overtone. Character development is a stand out as the protagonist grapples with abuse, privilege, racism, and classism as he struggles to find his own definition of justice and morality.

on October 21, 2017
Execution of Justice by Patrick Dent is simply one of the best books I have had the pleasure to read this year. Action packed, and very well researched, it held my interest from page 1, and had some surprising twists right from the first chapter. I sincerely hope there will be a series revolving around the main characters. I would absolutely highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action packed, military novel. Well done, Mr. Dent.

on October 16, 2017
Interesting book with a lot of action. Having been in the military as well being in a battle zone I can relate to the training as well as the nature of the beast. Very good reading

on October 13, 2017
This was a very enjoyable read that I couldn’t stop until I finished. There was not a moment of boredom in this novel. There was simply too much exciting stuff going on from the inner demons John was fighting, the kidnapping of young women, the secret deals of CIA. Hold your breathe as Dent will take you on a fun and breathless ride. If you like action, murder, intrigue this book is for you. It was like watching an episode of 24.

on October 8, 2017
I enjoyed the character development in this book. Well thought out by the author and an excellent story. I look forward to reading more books from the author in the future.

on October 1, 2017
What an awesome read! The author keeps your eyes glued to this novel in such an unparalleled way. One of the best novels I’ve ever read!

on August 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A great action-packed read! While growing up with a controlling and abusive father, John Drake is involved in an unfortunate encounter that changes the direction of his life. Required to serve time in the military, he was soon offered a special op’s position that he could not refuse. Teamed with one of his comrades, the two are assigned to a rescue mission that takes them to Morocco where they are involved in several very intense situations.
This is a good read for anyone who likes military action stories.

on September 5, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Patrick Dent has crafted a fast-paced, pulse-pounding and action packed novel in his “Execution of Justice.” The characters are quite believable, and the dialog is crisp and compelling. John’s interactions with his father, “The John,” was equal parts fascinating and eviscerating to read – very gut wrenching, and yet too interesting to look away. In their relationship, Dent demonstrates an effective ability to jar the reader and bring out a deep emotional response. Execution of Justice is a worthwhile read that will easily hold your interest. Check it out!

on August 16, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
This book is amazing! It starts with the origin of the hero’s motivations. Then delivers an action-packed plot as a new Covert Ops recruit, John Drake, embarks on a perilous mission to rescue 38 women from a human trafficker in Morocco, only to find himself embroiled in a war brewing in the Middle East. The local descriptions are excellent, as well as the military tactics and character depth. The author neatly ties together several plot lines that converge to form a satisfying climax. Highly recommended!

on September 24, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great read. Good action and great job bring together all sub plots together in the end.

on April 18, 2006
Format: Paperback

EXECUTION OF JUSTICE is a gritty, fast paced, all-action story that is difficult to put down. John Drake, the young and resourceful, but lethal, super hero endures a tough boyhood, dominated by a cruel and ruthless father, until a lethal teenage encounter leads him into an army combat training establishment. His exceptional talents together with those of his buddy eventually bring him to form a two man commando team equipped to overcome any terrorist obstacle placed in its way…

All in all the book is well written, and is an excitingly good blood and thunder experience.

Tony Thorne MBE – Author, UK & Austria

on August 30, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This was an entertaining book that held my attention the whole way through. It started out by introducing a lot of characters and I wasn’t sure where the focus would land, but as soon as I realized that John was going to be the center of the action, I was able to hop on and enjoy the ride. John was an interesting character who was living with a lot of demons that came together to make him a very effective soldier and killer. The book never lost sight of the fact that he was a real human being even though he was doing things that were at times, very inhumane. I wanted him to succeed and even though I was somewhat distracted by a few of the minor characters and storylines that seemed unnecessary in my mind, I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced adventure.

on September 13, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I normally don’t leave 5 stars but this book deserved it. I would call this “a must read book” and yes it was a thriller! Looking forward to reading more of his books.

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