5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

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 Lives, the Commodities of Hell-Bent Powers. January 10, 2018
This is an action-packed thriller centred around themes of white slavery, 1970s middle-eastern politics, military undercover operations, crime, psychological damage and revenge. It is very fast paced, fast enough to be an action-packed blockbuster film without the book-gutting re-write. The writing is immediate, easy, generally well composed and professionally edited. And boy, is it both far-fetched and time-evaporating exciting. Yes, this is very much a ‘boys with guns’ action book, ably supported by a couple of powerful female characters that almost make it to being main-characters. John Drake fights two major protagonists, the first being a cruel and dominating father and the other the classic man of evil, as close to the devil that Homo sapiens gens can conjure.
The plot is clever enough, though the quickly obtained Rambo skills of the ‘good guys’ team are certainly implausible. Some of the violence is very graphic, so be warned, but no worse than one seen in over 18 category action films. The written words bite depends, as it always does, on the pictures the reader chooses to visualise. At least it is easier to tune out of graphic detail in a book than while watching a film.
I really enjoyed this book, which delivers exactly what the hype suggests it should. One just has to suspend belief a touch or two. The hard men are hardly slowed by broken ribs or ruptured ligaments, and have powerful enough auras to keep away a storm of bullets. Fortunately, in the end, the baddies are all a touch weaker than the ‘better guys’. Some may also doubt the plausibility of certain actions sanctioned by ‘friendly’ political and military forces. However, on that score, my view is that Dent is entirely accurate. It isn’t only one’s enemies that are expendable even in are major democracies. There is only one plot aspect I thought didn’t fit, that concerns the behaviour of John senior mid-way through the book. I won’t risk a spoiler other than by adding that devious and life-risking manipulation of the son by the father became rather incredulous.
This is a great week-end read. Thriller writing done well.

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