5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

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 I would give this six stars if I could! January 4, 2018
During the end of the Viet Nam War, countries are struggling for supreme power through any avenue available to them. Patrick Dent gives us ambitious agents also ready to make sacrifice through the lives of soldiers for their careers.
Men such as Tartus, was the scum that tarnished the reputation of Arabs all over the world. With the backing of the US training, Elan was determined to bring this dangerous merchant to justice, but he was just one of multiple elite that had fallen. Amin then plays the same game, using the same contact, Falon, ending with the same results. Running out of operatives, the CIA decides to go with a new tactic and a wild card agent, John Drake.
CIA Special Agent Fulton does not have access to the only man who can stop the oil war, so he decides to become Fahr. By starting a war among the controlling oil heads he can predict the US stepping in to take control, this was Project Crossfire.
Now enters John Drake Jr., one fatal accident changed his future and the destiny of millions. When he caused the death of an opposing team mate, his dreams of college and his father’s dream of professional baseball were destroyed. But through his father John is sentenced to the Army for six years to serve out his sentence of involuntary manslaughter. With a cause John finds he can calmly kill a man, which is just what he was given. John’s actions have not been that of a warrior, but of a beast that was unleashed. John wrestled with the demons, but now he has let them go.

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