5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

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 Enthralling! December 23, 2017
I like it, I like it. An enjoyable read with a plethora of characters and scenarios that all gel well. Usually I find that where there are so many characters and situations that I tend to lose track of the underlying story, but in this case as said, the characters and scenarios do gel well in to following chapters.
It is story of dirty tricks at work and the lengths that some areas of government bureaucracies will go to, to achieve their own aims. It highlights the internal struggles that individuals face when they have to consider the dilemma of deciding if the end result does in fact require means that a civilised person would not involve. This is confronted when John Drake Junior becomes entangled with human traffickers after the daughter of a US Congressman is kidnapped to be sold into the harem of the King of Saudi Arabia and he has to rescue her, and when this trafficking ring is loosely connected to an attempt by the CIA to start a war against the Arab countries who control the world’s oil supply.
All in all a good read and one that keeps the interest from beginning to end.

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