5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

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 Great Action Book December 22, 2017
This book tells the exciting and action-filled story of John Drake, a man sent out on a mission to uncover a drug trafficking ring. This story is very well written and is able to capture the reader instantly. It does a wonderful job of balancing its action and mystery with its focus on its central character. I found the pace of the book to work super well at keeping me engaged and constantly trying to put all the pieces together. I felt that the strength in the depth and development of John Drake as the central character is what set this book apart from others in the genre I have read. John is a flawed human being, which already gives him a relatable layer, and throughout the book, we get to uncover his own personal demons to better understand who he is and the decisions he makes throughout the book. I would definitely recommend this book to action, military book readers.

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