5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

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 Great action sequences with a political background. I’m into it for a tv show December 22, 2017
Let me just start by saying that I’m Drake fan and wish this book would turn into a Tv show, a bit under the same style as Jack Bauer. It was very intense and very well-written. The story is packed with action, a lot of military talk and very interesting political conspiracies. It’s a great book and I was really impressed.
The story unfolds well and is quite consistent, offering some pretty solid action sequences that will make you clinch in the chair. The characters are good, they develop well and are quite entertaining. Even if they a bit dark, well, they’re military so I wouldn’t expect anything different. The angle of patriotism and vengeance is strong but a bit unoriginal.
This is a very masculine book. From the characters to the story, to the language used. But if you’re a woman and you fancy action books with political drama, don’t be afraid to try it. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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