5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

on December 19, 2017
To be honest, this was quite impressive for a debut novel. The book was short, but the action was fast-paced and I don’t feel like the length took away from the story at all. It never feels overly cliched, clunky, or like the protagonist’s best buddy will have to sacrifice himself so that the protagonist can reach his goal like there are in so many action thrillers. The main characters were well-rounded and realistic, and I could see how the protagonist’s backstory provided his motivation to find and save those women who were caught up in a sex trafficking ring even though he was reluctant to get involved at first. He winds up becoming the kind of hero that you can cheer for and sympathize with. The descriptions were vivid and the premise of how world events can swivel on the actions of one person had to be challenging, but the author handled it well.


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