Review of Fallen from Grace by Nikki Landis

Fallen from Grace (A Fight for Light Crossover Novel)Fallen from Grace by Nikki Landis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! A great paranormal love story, with a twist.

Paranormal is not my usual genre, but Landis pulled me into her universe from page one. An angel, Bash, risks his immortal soul to rescue Emily from a fatal accident. He sees something unique in her.

What follows is a breathtaking exploration of good vs. evil with incredibly well-developed characters and deep running themes of love and sacrifice.

Plot twists are properly developed. You can’t see them coming, but later realize you should have. Landis has a subtle treatment of the darker elements of the story, which I find extremely effective.

Landis is clearly an extremely creative author and well-practiced at the art of storytelling. I LOVED the ending, and must read the next installment in this series ASAP.

I highly recommend Fallen from Grace to paranormal or even just romance fans.

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