Review of Lord of Fire by Susi Wright

Lord of Fire (The Fire Chronicles, #1)Lord of Fire by Susi Wright
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Tolkein Fans, Meet Your New Favorite Author

In Wright’s brilliantly imagined universe, a magical race, the Gaians, is hated by humans and avoids all human contact. When one heroic Gaian, Luminor, sees a beautiful human girl, Fralii, captured by a gang of ruthless thugs and sold into slavery, he must disobey the rules of his people (and his father) to save her.

This is where the adventure begins. To return Fralii to her people, Luminor must fend off all manner of beasts as they navigate a hostile and vividly described world. Meanwhile, as Luminor and Fralii gradually become acquainted, the ancient rift between humans and Gaians begins to heal.

The action starts very quickly in this well told story, with a pace that steadily builds to a crescendo. The characters and their relationships are extremely well developed. Wright paints a vivid picture of a fantasy world filled with heroes, monsters, magic, romance, prophecy and destiny.

This is an excellent book by an excellent author. If you like Tolkein, Lord of Fire is a must-read.

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