Review of Milijun by Clayton Graham

MilijunMilijun by Clayton Graham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alien Invasion on an Entirely Different Level – Literally

Milijun is an incredibly well imagined alien invasion, unlike any first contact story I have ever read or seen in a movie. The scientific research that went into this book is impressive. Graham’s concept of how completely “alien” an alien could be is astonishing. Gone are the assumptions of “life as we know it”. Graham has conceived of life as we could not possibly imagine it.

The story opens with action, then takes a step back and steadily builds a head of steam while the key characters are deeply developed, then pitted against an unimaginable foe, as well as each other.

This is a must-read for science fiction fans who appreciate a hard scientific foundation, in the tradition of Asimov, Niven, or Heinlein.

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