Review of In Two Hundred Squared Words by Richard Bunning

In Two Hundred Squared WordsIn Two Hundred Squared Words by Richard Bunning

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Different Doesn’t Begin to Describe This Book

I have never read anything like this. Rather than a book, this is plugging a USB port directly into the author’s mind, a very fascinating mind, I should add. Bunning has managed to write 200 stories, each 200 words long.

Some are humorous, some are poignant, some are tragic, some are stream of consciousness, but all are intriguing. I’m reminded of the bar bet in which Hemmingway wrote a story on a napkin. “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” A skilled storyteller can pack enormous meaning into very few words. Bunning has this talent.

In this modern world of social media and shortening attention spans, Bunning has written a book that can be read in 60-second intervals. I, however, polished it off in two sittings, always eager to see what came next. The structure of the book grabs the reader by the collar and constantly pulls forward. I felt no sense of time commitment consuming these tasty nuggets of prose, knowing I would reach the next stopping point in just a moment. I only stopped once, though, and that was to get some sleep.

This is a must read!

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