Review Of Purgatory is a Place Too by Dominique Kyle

Purgatory is a Place Too (Eden #5)Purgatory is a Place Too by Dominique Kyle

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A Must Read!

This is a well-written book about the horrific topic of underage girls being forced into prostitution by vicious gangs. The police, social services, and teachers aren’t much help. In fact, like so many people, they simply wish the problem didn’t exist.

20 year old Formula car driver Eve takes matters into her own hands and puts herself at great risk by posing as a 14 year old, wearing surveillance equipment, and entering this underworld to collect actionable intel.

Kyle alternates between this based-on-reality storyline and a positive, uplifting story of Eve’s life in the world of Formula 2 racing. This duality kept my attention while educating me on a very uncomfortable topic that needs to be brought to light.

I cannot imagine a higher priority than addressing the exploitation of helpless children by ruthless monsters. Awareness needs to be raised, and Purgatory is a Place Too does this in a stark but artistic fashion.

Everyone needs to not just read this book, but become part of the solution. There are links at the end of the book connecting citizens to groups that need as many resources as we can throw at them.

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