5 Star Review of Execution of Justice

on November 13, 2017

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Are you sitting comfortably?? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, there was a reviewer, who read a lot, LOT of books. Before she started reviewing for the blogs, she read mostly horror and crime. But now, it’s mostly romance of some description or other.

So when the reviewer had a chance to read something a little out of her comfort zone, she jumped at the chance.


Usually there is sex in her books: not so here. There is usually romance: not so here. There are usually nekkid muscly men involved: bar two young recruits to the Army, not so here. She can often see where things are going: not so here.

AGAIN, she was blown away.

The reader found the book took a while to set the scene, it kept her fully engaged, because she got to hear from ALL the major players, and a minor one or two. It took time to present the full picture, and she didn’t know which way things would go til they did. She connected with each and every person, loved some guys, and a certain gal, hated some other guys.

The reader did get a little confused at the beginning with the time line involved, because it talks a bit about the oil embargo and the President of the US at the time (but already, the reader has forgotten which one t was!) However, once the reader had late 60’s early 70’s stuck in her head, things were much better, but the reader is still not entirely clear on that one!

The reader enjoyed this book so much, she read it on one sitting, and its not an EASY read, not at all, but what it is, is a BRILLIANT read. The reader looked to see if she could find any other books by this author, but THIS book appears to be the FIRST book written by this author.

The reader found it carried some difficult story lines, kidnapping and people trafficking mostly but some rape, and drug abuse too. She found it very violent in places but thought it right and proper for this book to have such graphic violence. It NEEDED that in places, to get the point across.

All in all, the reader was so very impressed with this book, she hopes to get a chance to read more by this author.

So the reader could only give this. . . .

5 stars. Because nothing else would do.

The end.

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