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A Well Imagined Hero’s Journey!

Reese hits another home run with this young adult fantasy/sci-fi novel! On a distant planet filled with fantastical creatures and magical spells, the village of Rheyaros is under constant threat of annihilation from the ogre-like race of Xendors, led by the supremely evil Odin.

Odin, after 13 years of searching, finds teenage twins Aren and Alexa, who possess a magic sword that can permanently banish the Xendors from Rheyaros if they can deliver it to Rheyaros and perform a specific ritual during the rare Skylar Moon.

The chase begins. Aren and Alexa must navigate the most hostile of environments, negotiate with strange and potentially hostile races, and somehow outwit the most powerful warrior in their world.

Skylar Moon is a fun, entertaining read designed for teenagers, but with a much wider appeal. I felt as if I knew the twins personally. I could feel their fear, doubt, and ultimate courage as they negotiated an unbearably hostile environment to save their people.

This is the forth book of Reese’s I’ve read, and she always delivers an entertaining read.

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