Review of It’s Complicated: When a Man Meets a Woman

It's Complicated: When a Man Meets a Woman (Skyclad Journeys Book 2)It’s Complicated: When a Man Meets a Woman by Robert Longpré

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Very Interesting Biography With A Fictional Twist

This is a well-told biography-style story, especially interesting as it is seen through the eyes of a psychoanalyst. Woven into the tale of a man trying to put his life back together is a fascinating exploration of Jungian psychology and Buddhism. I have studied Jung, and the author applies some clever twists to Jung’s perspective on the human mind. Most endearing is the peace the main character, Rene, achieves and disseminates through Buddhist principles.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn about therapy for 1/1000 the cost of actual therapy sessions. I learned a lot about myself as I enjoyed a very relaxing and engaging plot.

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