Review of Whole New World[s]

Whole New World[s] (The Parallel Universe Adventures Book 1)Whole New World[s] by Pam Bloom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eleven-year-old Ethan has had a difficult life that most of us can relate to. Then, he finds a strange amulet on the beach that allows him to shift dimensions. This lets him see all the possible permutations his life could have taken.

The central message I get from this book reminds me of Candide. He ultimately learns that the life he hates so much is actually the best of all possible worlds.

Although written for ages ten and above, Whole New World resonated with this fifty-two year old man. All the bad things that happen to us create the lives we have and the people we are.

I read this entire book today. I kept transferring it from one Kindle device to another. My lawn didn’t get mowed. It flows smoothly, reads easily, and contains a deep message. It’s an easy, entertaining, engrossing read, reminiscent of J.K. Rowling’s first book.

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