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Reflections (Kindle edition)Reflections by Clifton Kenny

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Fascinating Romp Through History and Biology!
Reflections is a multi-genre book. It’s a coming of age tale meets historical fiction meets paranormal. Shane is an eighth grader in 1974 Boston who can see into people’s genetic memories and even converse with their ancestors. This is a clever twist on communicating with the dead. The author even provides several plausible explanations, ranging from scientific to religious.
Clifton Kenny demonstrates extensive knowledge of his subject matter, and an experienced teacher’s ability to make both biochemistry and history interesting to the average reader. The characters are well developed. The dialogue comes across as very natural for a group of teenage friends on a quest to find answers.
This is an excellent young adult novel with a much broader appeal to anyone with an interest in the human genome, history, paranormal abilities, or simply a good read. I expect Shane’s search for the ultimate truth to span several more installments.
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