Review of To Trick a Hacker

To Trick a Hacker (Women of Purgatory, #3)To Trick a Hacker by India Kells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Exciting Story With Deep Character Development!

This book is an excellent stand alone, but Dylan’s character is so intriguing, I must go back and learn more of her past. As a homicide detective, she was the sole survivor of a sadistic serial killer who left her deeply scarred in every way.

She has been living underground, working as a hacker for a secret organization and trying to heal her wounds. When a copycat killer appears, Dylan knows she is the only one with the skills to bring this psychopath to justice.

The plot is full of action, deep emotional context, and lessons on the resilience of the human spirit. If you like a strong female lead overcoming unimaginable psychological and physical damage to outwit all her enemies, this book series is for you!

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