Adam Carolla’s Bucket List

  1. Have my hands registered as weapons
  2. Get kicked out of a casino for winning
  3. Jump into a body of water with a knife between my teeth
  4. Have a cape removed on stage
  5. Be killed by the person a told to kill me if I started to become a zombie
  6. Wipe down a gun
  7. Silently communicate by pointing to my watch underwater
  8. Punch out my undercover partner, who is about to say something that would blow our cover
  9. Put my hand over the mouth of a beautiful woman to stop her from screaming and alerting the bad guys
  10. Get shot, and brush it off, saying “I ain’t got time to bleed”.
  11. Catch a punch and be able to twist the guy’s hand until he goes down to his knees
  12. Be embroiled in a lawsuit that leads to a heroic story, “I broke the leg of a gang banger who was robbing a liquor store, and now he’s suing me.”
  13. Stop a crime by throwing something – a guy steals a purse and starts running, I throw a can of corn football-style and knock him out
  14. Track someone – I dismount my horse, then do that low squat where I pick up a clump of dirt and sift it through my fingers
  15. Hock a championship belt or super bowl ring at a pawn shop when I hit rock bottom
  16. Shout, “Release the hounds!”
  17. Pull a fake mustache off someone and shout, “Ah Ha!”
  18. Have a hot towel on my face at a barber shop with a cigar sticking out
  19. Dislocate my shoulder to get out of a straight jacket
  20. Snap Larry King’s suspenders and turn him into a pile of ashes
  21. Shout, “Not on my watch!”
  22. Direct a movie called “Awesome”, so the entertainment shows will have to refer to me as ‘Awesome director Adam Carolla”.   Then, follow it up with a sequel, “Hung like a rhino”.
  23. Drive a car off a pier onto a garbage barge (with a super squeamish passenger)
  24. Be stripped of a crown
  25. Tell my team to “synchronize watches”
  26. Pull down a surgical mask and say, “There was nothing I could do.” Or beat someone on the chest and shout, “Live, damn you!”
  27. Demand unmarked bills
  28. Box a kangaroo
  29. Drape a suit jacket over handcuffs like John Gotti
  30. Fend off a Kodiak bear with a torch
  31. Pop the locks off an attaché case full of money and slide it across the table
  32. Be tied to a chair with a hot chick
  33. Have to choose between cutting a red wire and a blue wire
  34. Fight someone on top of a moving train

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