That, Sir, Is The Stupidest Question I’ve Ever Heard!

There is an apocryphal story in which the famous physicist, Neils Bohr, was sent on a lecture tour of all the universities of Europe to tout the wonders of atomic power. He was assigned a driver, and off he went.

After several months of delivering the exact same lecture and answering the same 3-4 questions each time, Bohr found this a bore. He asked his driver if he thought he could deliver the lectures and handle the Q&A sessions. The driver agreed to make the swap.

This went swimmingly for several dozen speaking engagements until a physicist at Oxford asked a question no one had ever asked before. The driver (because back then, everyone was smart), responded, “That, Sir, is the stupidest question I have ever heard! It is so stupid, in fact, that I will have my driver answer it for me.”

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